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How do you tell the quality of the LaTeX finger cots

- Mar 21, 2017 -

The world food packaging Association Executive Vice President and Secretary General of Dong Jin Shi introduced on the Internet Professor, environmental protection, rubber gloves through fire to distinguish quality, poor-quality LaTeX finger COTS burned the next, taking a thick black smoke, smoke and many Xu, remaining after incineration, can be grainy. But good quality LaTeX finger COTS lit although therewill be black smoke, but is relatively small, and smoke flocs is not many, eventuallythe rest of the black substance is sticky.

Test result: 3 Yuan and 6 LaTeX finger form after the fire, came out thick black smoke, and a lot of smoke flocculation occurs, smoke flocculation falling everywhere, eventually remaining granular objects. Burn back, a red nose smell of chemicals, is adefective glove. 8 rubber gloves burned though there is also a small amount of smoke, but no smoke Xu, there is no smell of red nose, plenty of sticky black substances after burning, is a high quality gloves.

So how do you tell LaTeX finger cots, good or bad?

Good quality LaTeX finger cots, less contrast uniformity, impurities through the lights, smelling the smell from the rubber small and pulled back quickly. While poor quality LaTeX finger COTS impurities more, there are many spots, smell is still veryred nose, pulling the next recovery slower.

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