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How to prevent the LaTeX glove allergies

- Mar 21, 2017 -

Winter chores, or in order to protect your hands when we are wearing latex gloves, protects from erosion of the skin of the hands. But there are a few people wearing latex gloves help appears red, itching, redness, blisters, dryness, or urticaria symptoms, most people will think is a latex allergy, in fact most are not necessarily allergies.

Symptoms such as itching after wearing latex gloves, there are basically three different types of situations, its treatment is also different:

1. Irritant contact dermatitis

This situation is most common. Usually only as hand skin redness, itching, drynessor cracked, the reason is that washing hands with SOAP, detergent again, not quitedry, airtight inside the gloves after, forming irritation if dry gloves, is likely to be inside the glove powder irritation.

Principles of management: in this case, in gloves before you going to clean the SOAP or detergent and dry or dry hands and wearing gloves if dry gloves, talcum powder inside not too much. These measures will prevent the occurrence of irritant dermatitis. Once the irritant dermatitis occurs, avoid scratching, antipruritic agent for external application of calamine lotion, symptoms can disappear quickly.

2. Allergic contact dermatitis

Characterized by 6-48 hours of the exposure to latex gloves hand itching, dry or chapped skin, often accompanied by redness or blisters, usually without evident allergic symptoms. Manufacture of latex gloves may is certain chemicals or adhesionof the chemicals on the glove allergy, causing a delayed allergic reaction.

Principles of management: another type of latex gloves may continue to be used, in order to prevent severe allergic reactions, it is best to use less or no. Case of allergic contact dermatitis, required oral antihistamine, PI Yan ping external application for hand, symptoms quickly subside.

3. Latex allergies

Is very rare. Usually wear the gloves for a few minutes to more than 10 minutes that skin redness, itching, symptoms can be found in the body, often accompanied by urticaria, rhinitis, conjunctivitis, chest tightness, heart palpitations, etc. In severe cases, breathing difficulties, tachycardia, hypotension and even anaphylactic shock,sudden death.

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