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LaTeX finger sets of frequently asked questions and answers

- Mar 21, 2017 -

Q: tight black Latex finger, what is the reason?

A: there may be clean technology is not mature, wrong under chemical fuel, washed out stored for too long, however. Long powder-free gloves should only turn yellow again, or it could be bad musty.

Q: LaTeX finger cots and grey is what's the problem?

Answer: material compatible sex problem, compatible sex poor of tie agent (including sulfide agent, softening agent, plasticizer, promote agent,), in joined rubber material Shi for temperature increased can smooth to mix, dispersed, but Dang temperature reduced to at room temperature Hou, will migration to rubber surface, is a precipitation phenomenon. appeared spray cream and pan white phenomenon, should note select right of tie agent and dosage.

Q: How do I remove the plastic smell of latex finger cots?

Answer: tea, SOAP and absorption of active carbon are good taste, them and plastic gloves to put together effective adsorption.

Q: with LaTeX finger COTS allergy do?

Answer: Hello, allergic to latex gloves, if there is no rupture or erosion, except to use calamine and smearing outer, you can also use fluocinonide ointment applied,guidance: in addition, vitamin c and Calcium Gluconate oral anti-allergy treatment,temporary should not eat spicy foods, alcohol and smoking, less to pull the catcharea.

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