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Latex gloves-related maintenance

- Mar 21, 2017 -

Latex gloves are gloves a. It is different with the gloves, latex and processed, can be used as household, industrial, medical, cosmetic and other industries, is the necessary hand protection products. Made of natural latex, together with other fine, additives and processing of latex gloves, products undergo special surface treatment, wear comfortable,, medical, industrial and agricultural production has been widely used in everyday life.

Latex gloves are divided into: smooth latex gloves, latex gloves, MA-striped latexgloves, latex gloves, powder-free latex gloves transparent five. Latex Glove use are divided into: disposable latex gloves, household gloves, industrial rubber gloves, surgical latex gloves. Length: 23cm, and 30cm (9 ", and 12") two species; thickness for 0.08mm-0.09mm; color: beige, and shallow yellow two species; main components: natural latex; packaging: 100pcs/package (vacuum packaging); specifications: XS, and s, and m, and l, and XL;100% natural latex made of latex gloves has is high of smart degrees, wearing is comfortable, and has is high of strength; pinhole rate low, has excellent of closed protection characteristics, widely for electronic, and food, and Medical and optical and other related industries.

Latex gloves are industries indispensable aide, general industrial latex gloves will select qualified the right of each index. Household latex gloves, often due to the purchase of knowledge lack the quality flat latex gloves. Summer when latex gloves are used inside the sticky, how to prevent it? can sprinkle talcum powder inside the latex gloves, or products such as talcum powder, to prevent sticking. We are buying latex gloves will also find some Latex Glove Talc powder itself. In addition, goodlatex gloves are not the problem, is not sticky latex gloves, we'd better be under the regular cleaning, and dry. Note that latex gloves do not prolonged exposure inthe Sun.

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