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Production materials on latex gloves

- Mar 21, 2017 -

-Latex gloves by material with cotton, wool, leather and so on. Manufacturing gloves widely used material is fiber.

---Heat-resistant linings designed PVC

Plastic---best skid program

---PU or latex coating is suitable for oily or oily environments

Several commonly used latex gloves gloves material:

(1) – common wire of stainless steel wire, chromium alloy wire is mainly used to manufacture cut-resistant gloves. Cut resistance performance of this type of materialis the strongest and is easy to clean, quality and easy to use.

(2) Synthetic yarns such as Kevlar,Spectra-is a good synthetic fiber cut resistant material, although the ability to resist cutting than metal, but light weight, comfort andimproved and processed, latex gloves, some products can achieve the highest level of cut resistance product standards.

(3) The NBR (with textile lining)--wear and puncture-resistant, flexible and comfortable.

(4) natural latex (with textile lining)--has excellent elasticity, flexibility and a certain degree of resistance to wear and tear and cut resistance.

(5) PVC (with a textile lining)-can provide a certain degree of wear and tear and puncture protection, if material is thicker, but also has some ability to resist cutting without tearing.

(6) PI--natural materials through a variety of tanning, with unique properties. Latex gloves skin can is divided into: leather, its advantages has comfortable, and durable, breathable wear, after chrome sake processing, more durable, and can anti-high temperature; pigskin, pores coarse, breathable sex best, after washing Hou still can keep is good of soft sex, and not variable hard; sheepskin, is most comfortable, and most durable and anti-mill performance best of, but due to price too your, General only with in on touch requirements high of industry.

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