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Use disposable latex gloves high quality attention

- Mar 21, 2017 -

Many environments require the use of high quality LaTeX disposable gloves, anti-static gloves such as my first day of work time, into the company's laboratory, is LaTeX and polyester paint research base into there to see after technicians wearinggloves, the kind of high quality LaTeX disposable gloves. So that we can protect our hand skin from chemical damage.

Matters needing attention:

Should be stored in a dry sealed warehouses (room temperature below 30 degrees, humidity and 80% respectively) from the ground using instructions on the 200mm shelf

1. History of allergy to natural rubber products used with caution;

2. Prohibit direct shining intense light such as sunlight or ultraviolet light;

3. Do not touch the oil, acid, alkali, copper, manganese and other metals and chemicals harmful to rubber;

4. The product limit one-time use by medical waste disposal products that after use, avoiding germs on environmental pollution;

5. When wearing gloves, shall not wear rings or other jewelry, pay attention to nails;

6. This product is not right, please choose the appropriate hand-standard gloves

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