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When latex gloves are manufactured to note which elements

- Mar 21, 2017 -

Latex gloves need to pay attention to what the factors of production?

Production of latex gloves should first clear protective objects, and carefully selected. Base latex gloves, have strong acid resistance, there is resistance to low concentrations of acids, and resistance to low concentrations of acids acid and alkali resistant Latex Glove cannot be used with exposure to high concentrations of acids.Production of waterproof protective latex gloves, latex gloves should be carefullychecked before use, observe the surface is damaged, take the simple way is to blow into the latex gloves, hand, pinch the mouth and see if air leakage. Leakage cannot be used. Rubber, plastic and other types of protective latex gloves should be washed after use clean, cool and dry, save heat, and sprinkle some talcum powder to prevent adhesions on the products. Latex Glove manufacturers to produce insulation rubber gloves should be regularly checking electrical insulation properties, isnot in conformity with the provisions can not be used. Statistical analysis, we can know the composition of mineral oil or fluoride resin, can prevent entering of waterand oil. This treatment can improve the machinery of leather, making it more wearable, and increase the comfort of latex glove (soft) and extended the dexterity (feelings), and prolongs life. Treated leather more heat and reduces the contraction incontact with flames. The leather had come into contact with heat sources identify dyed yellow leather. This process can also be used in the first layer of skin.

Oiled waterproof leather problem priority is in the same beauty and function under protective latex gloves designed to reduce costs as much as possible, from thedesign, material, ease of production, clothing details such as structures. Meanwhile, oil and moisture can remain soft after use, longer service life, accurate operation.

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