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Analysis On The LaTeX Glove Technology

- Mar 21, 2017 -

Rubber rubber mixing machine first slice, slice cylinder evacuation Sol Sol mixed with gasoline. After emulsified, modulation, the Sol by pumping emulsion tank in themiddle. Rubber solution dissolve in gasoline sent from the top of the Tower, by steam distillation, lighter gasoline is heated into vapor, gasoline was cold water mixed in oil cooler and the cooling of the gas. Oil-water mixture to oil/water separators, oil-water stratified. Top gas recycling, lower water pumps sent to cooling towercooling, cooling cooling after distillation gas gasoline; LaTeX pressure distillationKettle send LaTeX mix tank mixing, modulation to centrifuge after separating out raw latex gloves, and then by color, filter the liquid mixture.

Glove model pH cleaning and water cleaning, wash model after immersion in hot water heating to dipping the dipping concreting and drying. Dipping after the preliminary drying oven, plus fiber, hot and then sent to curing, drying oven. Glove release gas checks, low temperature setting, temperature after drying, washing, dewatering, drying and packaging to send the finished products warehouse.

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