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Latex Gloves With Adequate Protection

- Aug 14, 2017 -

As the accuracy of high-tech products is getting higher and higher, more and more products are required in the cleanliness of the clean room in the production, testing, packaging,Latex gloves such as computer head, hard disk, LCD, digital camera, optical electronics industry. In these industries, will use a large number of clean room special gloves for the protection of products, personnel, the environment. Gloves not only have sufficient protective effect, but also do not pollute the critical areas of the production process in a controlled environment, so the role of gloves is critical.

In the end what kind of gloves should be used in the clean room, but it is recommended from the product accuracy, clean room level, cost accounting and other aspects of comprehensive consideration. In general, if it is ISO 5 or more clean room, it is recommended to use nitrile rubber gloves; if it is the production of wafers, heads, hard drives, optical instruments, etc. should use latex gloves. Since the gloves are in direct contact with the product most of the time, the quality requirements are very strict. The IEST standard requires that the gloves after production be cleaned before use and tested before they can be used. The test is divided into four parts: visual inspection, physical testing, ESD performance testing, chemical testing. The following describes the chemical aspects of the test.

 Latex gloves are also rubber gloves, latex is a natural material, from the rubber tree juice, natural latex is a biosynthetic products, due to tree species, geology, climate and other related conditions, its composition and structure will often vary greatly. Without any substances in the fresh latex, the rubber hydrocarbon only 20% -40% of the total, the rest of the small amount of non-rubber components and water. Non-rubber components in the protein, lipids, carbohydrates and inorganic components, etc., part of them with the rubber particles into a complex structure, part of the dissolved in the whey or the formation of non-rubber particles.

Latex gloves models are divided into ordinary powder and no powder purification type, smooth and Ma surface slip.

Latex gloves contain protein, for people prone to allergies, prone to allergic reactions.

Latex gloves precautions are as follows:

1, should avoid contact with chemicals such as acid, alkali, organic solvents.

2, such as in the treatment of infectious substances, should choose no powder and low protein latex gloves. No powder and low protein latex gloves can reduce the risk of allergies. But the so-called hypoallergenic latex gloves can not reduce the risk of latex allergy, can only reduce the latex gloves in the chemical additives caused by allergic reactions.

3, resolutely implement the code of practice to reduce the chance of latex hazards. Such as:

1) Do not use ointment hand cream or make-up water when wearing latex gloves, which can cause latex glove damage or damage.

2) After removing or removing latex gloves, wash your hands with mild soap and dry your hands completely.

3) can be discarded latex gloves, can not be repeated wear (due to gloves may have lost the ability to prevent harmful substances).

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