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Maintenance Notes For The Nitrile Gloves

- Mar 21, 2017 -

1. Nitrile gloves can be effective against organic solvents, the main advantages arehigh strength, high elasticity. Primarily to hand exposure to liquid chemical stations, such as cleaning chemicals warehouse, alcohol and so on. NBR main function is to prevent organic solvents, but do not cut through resistance, and therefore needto be extra careful when using, do not greatly pulled and strong wear, so wear nitrile gloves when operating in an external wear veil, gloves should be added, to reduce the wear nitrile gloves, to extend the service life.

2. Wear nitrile gloves when carrying out cleaning operations, because some products may have some sharp edges, and the sharp edges are the most easily penetrate nitrile gloves, and penetrate even a small hole is enough to let the cleaning agent into the glove, which makes the gloves are useless. Addition to be careful whenusing actions, must also wear gloves plus finger cots.

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