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Maintenance Of Nitrile Gloves

- Aug 09, 2017 -


1. Nitrile gloves can effectively prevent organic solvents, the main advantages of high strength, high flexibility.

Nitrile rubber is the main function is to prevent organic solvents, but not piercing wear, so the use of the need for extra careful care, not to pull and strong wear and tear, so the need to wear nitrile gloves in the external operation to wear a veil Gloves to reduce the wear of nitrile gloves and prolong the service life.

2. While wearing some nitrile gloves for some cleaning operations, because some products will have some sharp edges, and these sharp edges are the easiest to penetrate nitrile gloves, and once penetrated even a small hole, but also enough So that the cleaning agent immersed in the gloves inside, so that the whole glove useless. Therefore, in addition to the requirements in the use of careful operation, but also in the gloves plus finger sets.

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