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Nitrile Gloves Anti-chemical Performance, Resistance To A Certain Degree Of PH

- Aug 03, 2017 -

The advantages of nitrile gloves

Why more and more health care workers choose nitrile gloves, nitrile gloves which advantages, today I came to tell you!

1. Nitrile gloves do not contain amino compounds and other harmful substances, rarely produce allergies. We know that health care workers need to wear gloves for a long time, some people on the talcum powder allergy, the day will be from the hands of some rash, miserable.

2. Wear comfortable, long wear will not cause skin tightness, is conducive to blood circulation.

3. Excellent chemical resistance, resistance to a certain degree of pH; resistant to hydrocarbon erosion, not easy to break.

4. No silicon composition, a certain anti-static properties, low surface chemical residues, low ion content, particle content is small, suitable for strict clean room environment.

5. Colorful. Can ease the patient's tension.

To sum up, more and more medical staff choose nitrile gloves. If you are still allergic to talcum powder, gloves and breathless hands sweating affect the operation, then as soon as possible to buy nitrile gloves, relax our hands, act quickly.

The use of medical gloves has become an important tool for reducing the risk of pathogens and avoiding the direct exposure of infected substances. Proper use of gloves is of great importance to patients and health care workers. At first, health care workers are not accustomed to wearing gloves to treat patients, hands often contact with some solvents and drugs and lead to erosion of the hand, but also makes the patient's infection rate and mortality is high. Later, there are medical staff in order to avoid hand injury and the design of a glove,Nitrile Gloves  which not only to avoid the erosion of chemical substances on the hand, the patient's recovery rate also increased a lot.

With the people of AIDS, hepatitis B, the gradual improvement of blood-borne diseases, the use of medical gloves concern. Health care workers are accustomed to wearing medical gloves, but what kind of gloves to wear them have become troubled things.

Natural latex gloves are soft, wearable, inherently flexible, with high sensitivity and low price, so use more. But easily lead to latex allergy. The use of latex gloves, resulting in health care workers to improve their sensitivity to foreign health care workers in the incidence of latex allergies of about 8% to 12%, latex allergy in Europe and the United States has gradually become a professional health problems and cause great concern.

To the protein natural latex gloves is a good alternative to latex gloves, although it contains latex, but has removed most of the latex protein, before the glove in the manufacture,Nitrile Gloves  from the natural rubber decomposition and removal of latex protein, so as to avoid contact with latex An allergy occurs. But the removal of proteinase decomposition process has strict environmental conditions, and the decomposition process is more time-consuming, is not conducive to the production of low-grade medical latex products.

Has been mainly applied to HDD and other high-tech industry Nitrile gloves, is now used in medical gloves, is currently on the market the best medical gloves, it does not contain protein, amino compounds and other harmful substances, rarely produce allergies; Anti-organic solvents, the main advantages of high strength, high flexibility. Which AClean nitrile gloves is a good choice, to provide good protection for health care workers.

Every year due to the wearing of gloves problems caused by many medical staff infected at the same time endanger the health of patients. Strengthen the occupational safety education of health care workers, improve self-protection awareness, improve the rules and regulations, wear appropriate medical gloves to choose and replace, is an important measure to effectively reduce occupational infection.

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