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Nitrile Gloves Has Excellent Chemical Resistance

- Jul 11, 2017 -

Nitrile Gloves and latex gloves advantages and disadvantages:

Nitrile Gloves Material: NBR, Nitrile Gloves A synthetic rubber, the main components of acrylonitrile and butadiene

Advantages: no allergies, can be degraded, can add pigments, the color is more bright

Nitrile Gloves are comfortable, suitable for long wear, ideal for food processing and food service. Of course, PVC and PE gloves are the only choice, but only for mild and short-term operation.

Pipeline workers, assembling workers and manufacturing workers: Workers facing hazardous chemicals, such as workers working in battery manufacturing plants, are exposed to lead and need to wear gloves at work. Nitrile Gloves are the best choice in this case because nitrile is produced from elastomers with excellent chemical resistance. In addition, Nitrile Gloves wear more comfortable, gloves with the contact temperature will be more sticky, so as to provide better operating sensitivity.

Hairdressing industry: Nitrile Gloves are comfortable, suitable for long wear, but also the ideal choice for the hair industry, to avoid the chemical substances on the skin irritation and injury.

Packers: Packaging at the end of the process also requires compliance with food safety regulations. In addition, wearing gloves can prevent fingerprints and damage the packaging cleanliness.

Health cleaners: This type of staff needs to wear gloves to protect themselves from chemical substances in cleaning supplies, and to protect themselves from pathogens when cleaning the bathroom. As Nitrile Gloves can fight against harmful chemicals, so nitrile is often used by such staff.

Maintenance workers: Maintenance workers usually come into contact with grease, oil and other solvents when they use equipment and means of transport. At this time, their hands need to be protected.

Security personnel: such staff need to carry out security work in the wear gloves, prevention and security personnel to contact when there is cross infection.

Printing workers: printing plants use chemical substances for printing of labels, etc. These chemicals usually contain emulsions, inks, oxidants and various solvents. Disposable gloves can prevent chemicals from harming workers' health, such as nervous system damage caused by infiltration into the skin. In view of the above chemical damage, Nitrile Gloves duty-bound.

Nitrile Gloves are the latest generation of gloves in the world, made of synthetic nitrile rubber. Compared with latex gloves, Nitrile Gloves have a better ability to puncture, anti-bacterial penetration, chemical resistance and lasting puncture ability. Can provide users with more secure protection.

1.100% nitrile rubber, will not produce latex on skin allergies to the human body.

2. Wear durable, surface numb, more flexible operation. Soft, comfortable to wear.

3. Conical cuffs are easier to wear and operate.

4. Non-toxic, harmless, tasteless. Selection formula, advanced technology, soft, comfortable non-slip, flexible operation.

5. Protection performance, good physical properties, better than latex gloves.

6. No powder gloves with a special powder-free process, more comfortable to protect.

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