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PVC Anti-slip Gloves Bump Texture Can Effectively Increase The Friction

- Jul 11, 2017 -

The birth of PVC Anti-slip Gloves is to protect our hands, but you know what circumstances to wear what kind of PVC Anti-slip Gloves? Sometimes with the wrong PVC Anti-slip Gloves may be fatal danger Oh! Xiaobian to talk about the mystery of the PVC Anti-slip Gloves.

Many of my friends will feel very comfortable cotton PVC Anti-slip Gloves, but do not know the role of such PVC Anti-slip Gloves is only to protect his hands from harm, no other role, such PVC Anti-slip Gloves are only suitable for everyday wear.

If you are working, outdoor sports, driving, etc., it is best to choose PVC Anti-slip Gloves with anti-skid particles, it is close to the hands of the fingers to move freely, can increase the friction adhesion, while enhancing the flexibility of the fingers, but also have Breathable function. Here Xiaobian to give an example!

When you drive, the car engine micro shock wave is very powerful, some can not feel, but the human body and the heart of great harm. Direct contact with the body when the car is the hand, by the steering wheel and gear bar by the micro-shock wave transmission is greater, so we try to bring the anti-skid particles when the PVC Anti-slip Gloves, and anti-skid can also play a shock and perspiration effect. Of course, in the outdoor sports and ultimately, a pair of anti-skid particles of PVC Anti-slip Gloves, it will be when you climb more secure.

Finally hope that we can according to their actual situation to choose a pair of easy to carry and anti-skid wear, sunscreen, warm PVC Anti-slip Gloves, better protect their own hands, do not ignore it.

Selection of imported Japanese ultra-fine cotton knit, cool material. Short version of the palm flower pattern slip point. Hand back translucent design, suitable for wedding party with.

Japan imported ultra-fine cotton knit, palm with breathable elastic wave point yarn, 60cm long design, sun protection upgrade.

Fashion clouds dyed printed knitted Japanese imports of ultra-fine elastic network, palm heart yarn design breathable comfort, 55cm long version of sunscreen. Open the elastic band to strengthen the anti-skid.

In the glove wash label, you can see the glove contains 2% of the metal fiber (Metal fiber) ingredients, it is the original 10 points to achieve the key to touch the glove. Not only that, because the PVC Anti-slip Gloves within the wool blended lining is not conductive, in order to allow the micro-current on the fingers of the smooth conduction, the lining of the finger parts are replaced with metal fiber mesh fabric.

In order to prevent equipment from accidentally slipping from the hands,PVC Anti-slip Gloves in the palm and knuckles also used GripTrak silicone design. These have a certain thickness of the silicone strip firmly attached to the surface of the glove, the above convex texture can effectively increase the friction. This design so that we could not help but think of some football shoes on the friction bar, both are the same reason.

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