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PVC Coated Gloves Excellent Performance, Good Chemical Stability

- Aug 03, 2017 -

Polyvinyl chloride (PVC Coated Gloves) paste resin is the name suggests that this resin is mainly used in the form of paste to the application, it is commonly used in this paste known as plasticized paste, is the processing of PVC Coated Gloves plastic in a state of a unique form of liquid The Paste resin is often made by emulsion and micro-suspension.

PVC Coated Gloves paste resin because of fine grain size, its texture like talc, with no mobility. Polyvinyl chloride paste resin mixed with plasticizer after mixing to form a stable suspension, that is made of PVC Coated Gloves paste, or PVC Coated Gloves plaster, PVC Coated Gloves sol, and it is in this form used to process into the final Products. In the process of making paste, according to the needs of different products, add a variety of fillers, thinner, heat stabilizer, foaming agent and light stabilizer.

The development of the PVC Coated Gloves paste resin industry provides a new type of liquid material that becomes a polyvinyl chloride product only by heating. The kind of liquid material is easy to configure, stable performance, easy to control, easy to use, excellent product performance, good chemical stability, with a certain mechanical strength, easy coloring, etc., is widely used in artificial leather, plastic toys, Wallpaper, paint coatings, foam plastic and other production.

1, paste resin choice

First of all, according to the mechanical properties of products to be processed to select the appropriate type of paste resin. High degree of polymerization of PVC Coated Gloves products, high mechanical strength, gel temperature and plasticization temperature is also high, the product price is also high, suitable for wear-resistant layer, tensile layer, hard layer and extinction layer. Low degree of polymerization of PVC Coated Gloves products, gelatinization temperature is low, low plasticizing temperature, low price, but the mechanical strength is low.

Second, according to the paste resin use, type and processing form to choose the appropriate paste resin grades. The viscosity of the paste resin product is an important selection index, such as high foaming products, which have a relatively large viscosity and a low gelatinization temperature of the paste resin product in order to facilitate the control of good foaming properties and uniform size of the cell distribution; While other products generally require that the paste viscosity should not be too high to facilitate processing. Paste the product layer is thick, choose a relatively high viscosity of the resin on the apparent performance of the product is not very obvious; and paste product layer is thin, such as the choice of paste resin viscosity, not only will affect the uniformity of products and The smoothness of the surface, the coating is also easy to fall off, and will increase the amount of raw materials.

For the use of impregnation method to produce paste products, such as the choice of viscous resin is easy to wrinkle its appearance, will affect the quality of products. At the same time consider the paste resin, especially for the coating process, to be considered plasticized paste manifold, plasticizer should be selected to maintain or close to Newton-type fluid paste resin products, is conducive to processing conditions control. In addition, to consider the stability of the plasticized paste and degassing performance, only good stability of the plasticized paste, in order to optimize the stability of the process conditions of processing a good paste products; and the need for vacuum defoaming of PVC Coated Gloves paste , It requires a better degassing, and so on.

For most of the paste products, should choose a universal paste resin, which has a large production volume, wide range of applications, reliable and stable product quality, resin performance easier to grasp, the price is relatively low, and processing technology is more mature, Optimization adjustment is relatively simple. But for the products have special requirements, you can choose the special purpose of the paste resin product grades, these resin range is not wide, the price is relatively high, but for its specified use, the effect is generally better than the general effect , The performance characteristics of the product more to meet the special requirements. At present, the domestic special paste resin varieties are mainly bright, foam type, extinction type and so on several categories.

2, paste resin processing formula control

Paste resin formulations have an important impact on the use, quality, efficiency of processing and production costs. It is necessary to carry out the appropriate formulation choice after clarifying the use of the product and selecting the appropriate paste resin.

First of all, according to the requirements of the product to choose the appropriate tune paste additives. The choice of additives to consider three factors: (1) to meet the performance requirements of products, such as cold products will choose to cold plasticizer; and the production of artificial leather, although the lead salt stabilizer thermal stability effect is good, But easy to precipitate and should not be used, should not choose the precipitation of calcium and zinc and other heat stabilizer. (2) to meet the paste resin good processing requirements, such as plasticized paste high viscosity does not meet the requirements, can join the viscosity reducer; and if the strength of artificial leather products is not good enough to join about 0.2% of the gas white carbon black reinforcement. (3) reduce production costs while ensuring proper quality. Such as the production of low-grade foam products, the cell requirements are not high, the choice of low-cost sodium bicarbonate blowing agent to replace the AC blowing agent; another example of artificial leather, in the weight of calcium (particle size less than 400 mesh), light calcium and modified Calcium carbonate filler can meet the requirements of the product, and tungsten as long as 250 yuan / ton, light calcium is greater than 1000 yuan / ton, modified calcium more expensive, obviously the most appropriate use of calcium.

The preparation method of plasticizing paste is also very important. First, the design of the formula should meet the performance requirements of the product, and then consider to meet the good plasticizing paste processing performance. On this basis, consider increasing the proportion of cheap additives to make the production The biggest economic benefits and product competitive advantage. In the preparation of the formula, according to product requirements and processing requirements for optimal preparation. The order of addition of raw materials, the way and how to mix auxiliaries, and the pretreatment of raw materials not only a great impact on the processing conditions, but also determine the quality of the final performance quality of the impact. The same recipe different formulation, the effect is not the same, to produce the product quality is also a great change, need to attract a high degree of attention.

3, processing conditions control

After selecting the appropriate recipe and processing method, the control of the PVC Coated Gloves paste product depends primarily on the gelation process and the process of plasticizing the product. Which paste resin gelation process control is good or bad on the processing and performance of products the greatest impact, the most difficult to grasp. The gelation process of the resin is related to the gelation temperature and gelation time of the resin. In the production process, the gelation temperature increases, the gelation rate is accelerated, the time required for gelation can be shortened; conversely, gelation can also be done at lower temperatures and longer periods of time, but Production efficiency is low.

The gelation temperature is related to the degree of polymerization of the resin, particle size distribution and viscosity. Generally have the following rules of experience: in the same polymerization and viscosity difference is not the case, the resin gelation

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