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PVC Coated Gloves Good Anti-skid Performance

- Aug 14, 2017 -

PVC Coated Gloves, also known as PVC Coated Gloves or PU stickers, palm gloves. According to the performance is divided into two types: ordinary type, anti-static type. Gloves are covered with specially treated polyurethane completely in the palm part, can provide good anti-skid performance, and can prevent the human hand hand sweat and particulate pollution.

Solvents are organic compounds that dissolve oils, waxes, resins, rubbers and dyes. Organic solvents in the production process of the form, most of the liquid or liquid by evaporation and the formation of steam, such as gasoline, gasoline steam; benzene, benzene vapor; carbon disulfide, carbon disulfide vapor. Petrochemical industry automation, high degree of closeness, material handling, reaction, etc. in the container (tower, tank, tanker) or pipeline, but in the production process of various machines,PVC Coated Gloves pumps and valves and other equipment, sometimes run, Take, drop, leakage phenomenon, can make people in a short time, high concentrations of inhalation or exposure to organic solvents, acute poisoning. In addition, there are some open direct operation of the place, such as the sewage pool evaporation, feeding, quality analysis, sampling, add additives,PVC Coated Gloves scrub storage tank and tanker, loaded poke, etc., can also occur acute poisoning accident, especially when Operating environment special, protective measures are not the case, more prone to acute poisoning accident. A wide range of organic solvents, all kinds of workplaces and even families are used.


1.PU coating acid and alkali, effective anti-skid;

2. Insulation wear, to avoid fingerprints;

3. To prevent human hand sweat and particulate pollution;

4 regular wrist, lock, S code: white / pink wrist, lock, M code: green wrist, green lock, L code: gray wrist, gray lock

normal type


1.PU coating with acid and alkali resistance,PVC Coated Gloves can be effective anti-skid, to avoid falling in the crawl items, and will not leave fingerprints, improve productivity;

2. Anti-pollution, anti-skid, heat, wear, easy to absorb sweat, good ventilation;

3. Because of the very flexible, to the user feel more clothes together.

Anti-static type


1.PU coating with conductive resin to make the best anti-static effect, to avoid the operator's fingers directly into the electrostatic sensitive components, and can safely discharge the operator's human body electrostatic charge;

2. Has a good slip resistance, wear resistance;

3. Good air permeability, can be washed.

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