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PVC Gloves-grading Standards

- Mar 21, 2017 -

A grade: gloves without holes (with pink PVC gloves) powder evenly without powder, color transparent white, no obvious dots, no impurities, the part size and physical properties are in line with customer requirements.

B grade: minor blemishes, small black spots (diameter ≤ 1mm ≤ 2mm) 3, or smallblack spots (1mm in diameter) number (>5 in diameter), deformation, impurities (1mm in diameter), slightly yellow, severe nail printing, cracks, each portion size, physical performance does not meet the customer requirements.

Scrap: holes, severe pollution, severe yellowing and impurities (>1mm in diameter), no volume or broken edges, digs up the broken, cut, tear, cracks, broken, stickymaterial.

FIX: large quantity of powder, rolled edge, slightly dirty, slightly sticky, black powder small on the fingertips, the physical properties are in line with customer requirements.

Class a products ≤ 5 minor nail printing is allowed in the gloves gloves, ≤ 3 serious nail printing gloves are allowed.

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