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PVC Non-powder Gloves PU Coating Agent

- Dec 14, 2018 -

First, what is PCV glove PU coating agent? PVC non-pink gloves waterborne PU coating agent, is dedicated to the surface treatment of PVC non-pink gloves to improve its anti-adhesion and smoothness, with non-toxic, non-allergic, non-combustion and other characteristics.
Second, the preparation of PU coating agent:
PU coating agent is usually diluted several times before use to facilitate the formation of the required film.
2, according to the dilution ratio, add 1/3 -1 / 2 of the diluted water first, add the required PU coating agent under slow stirring.
3, and then add the remaining water stir at a low speed for 30 minutes, leave for more than 2 hours can be used.
4, this product is good water content, the entire preparation process does not need to fierce stirring, to ensure that PU and water can be fully mixed.
III. Requirements of PU Coating Agent for Water
1, this product is an anion water dispersion, distributed on the surface of the dispersion body with more anionic groups to ensure that the PU can dissolve and water, so the high-priced cations present in diluted water, such as: Ca2 +, Mg2 +, Fe3 + has a greater impact on PU.
2, in the water dissociation of various yin and cation, according to the principle of attracting the opposite charge in the water, these high-priced cations can be adsorbed around several anionic groups at the same time, which will lead to the stability of the dispersion, resulting in flocculation precipitation, gloves out of white spots and other ills. The problem does not arise if pure water(purified water) is used.
Common Problems and Solutions in the Use of PU Coating Agent
1, the surface appears white:
A, the manufacturer uses tap water dilution, and the water quality is hard, causing PU structure damage. Solution: Using treated tap water, the total hardness of the water body does not exceed 120 mg/L.
When used by manufacturers, this product is mixed with other products. Solution: When using this product, clean up the drop tank and try not to mix it with other products. When it is necessary to mix it, necessary tests should be carried out in advance.
C, the temperature of the tank is too high, and it is not always updated. Solution: The temperature of the tank is not more than 60 degrees, and the diluted product is stored in the tank for no more than 7 days.
2, sticky surface, not slippery?
A, dilution ratio exceeds 1:9. Solution: The dilution ratio should be strictly limited to 1:8-1:9 before the relevant test.
The coating is not sufficiently dry. Solution: According to experience, in the drying conditions, in addition to increasing the temperature and extending the length of the drying box, increasing the wind speed is also a method to improve the drying efficiency.
3, the product has odor?
The newly prepared paint has a slight odor. Solution: After testing, the odor comes from the raw material we use, and the raw material is not toxic and harmless to humans. During the drying process, this material will evaporate and will not remain in the glove.
After using it for a period of time, it was found to have a sour taste. Solution: According to experience, it may be accidental introduction of spoilage bacteria during use. Please replace the residue in the tank immediately, thoroughly clean the tank and remove bacteria.
4, there are traces on the gloves, uneven coating.
It is possible that the dilution ratio is too large or the temperature of the PU slot is too high or too low. In general, the temperature of the PU dip tank should be 40-55 degrees and the temperature of the hand mold should be 70-90 degrees, so as to give full play to the good performance of the PU coating agent.
Storage of PU finishing agent:
1, this product is a water system, winter should be careful to prevent freezing, summer avoid exposure to prevent local temperature is too high, generally stored in the environment of 5-30 degrees.
2, use the remaining PU finishing agent original liquid should be sealed and preserved, after the long-term dilution should check the material before use, if there is any change, should be treated according to waste; If there is no change, 150-200 filters should be used first and then used to prevent white spots and other defects in gloves.

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