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The Effect Of Paste Resin On PVC Gloves

- Sep 18, 2017 -

In terms of PVC gloves,

1) The main factors affecting the elongation and elongation at break of the gloves determine whether the above properties, i.e., homopolymer or copolymer, and their molecular weight,

2), the main factors affecting the smoothness of the glove and the pinhole rate are determined by the above-mentioned properties 3,4,5, whether the secondary particles are easily disintegrated into primary particles under the action of the plasticizer; the average particle size of the paste resin The type and amount of emulsifier remaining on the surface of the paste resin.

3) why the characteristics of 3,4,5 affect the smoothness of gloves, pinhole rate? This is because: under the action of plasticizers, PVC paste resin can quickly disintegrate the secondary particles, (two particles usually 30-70um particle size), the disintegration of the secondary particles, it returned to the emulsion polymerization Or micro-polymerization of the particle size of 0.2-2um, if the PVC paste resin is not easy to disintegrate (emulsifier varieties and the amount of), or disintegration is not sufficient, down to affect the smoothness and pinhole rate.


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