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The Performance Difference Between Rubber And Latex!

- Nov 24, 2018 -

The latex is molded by evaporation molding. It has numerous stomata. The permeability is good and the surface of the stomata is smooth, so the mites can not be attached. And one of the most important features of latex juice is the aroma it gives off and many other mosquitoes are reluctant to approach. Therefore, the characteristics of latex are determined.
1, ultra-high elasticity
2, orthopaedic function
3, Super permeability
4, durable and not easily deformed
5, anti-mold antibacterial
6, ultra-silent without static electricity and radiation
Performance of rubber:
1, outstanding high elasticity, performance is a high elongation. It is elastic at room temperature and can produce large deformation under small external forces, which can be restored after removing external forces. Rubber is a completely amorphous polymer. Its glassy transition temperature(Tg) is low and its molecular weight is often large, greater than hundreds of thousands. Pure natural glue can be stretched to the original length of 800 <UNK> and continuously; The smaller elastic modulus, the stress generated when extending 100 inches is only Shubainiudun per square centimeter; Maintain small permanent deformation after pulling, that is, the amount of accumulation that can not be restored after repeated force is also very small. Rubber can only be used as a highly flexible material, commonly known as rubber, after cross-linking.
2, good wear resistance, high friction coefficient and acid and alkali corrosion resistance, some varieties such as nitrile rubber, fluorine rubber, etc. are also oil-resistant. In addition, rubber also has the characteristics of electrical insulation, vibration and gas density. The disadvantages are thermal conductivity, heat resistance, and difficulty in machining.

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