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What Is The Difference Between PVC Paste Resin And Ordinary PVC Resin Powder?

- Nov 07, 2018 -

PVC resins are mainly divided into PVC universal resins and PVC paste resins.
Universal resin(called G resin) is a resin that is processed with a dry or wet powder after being mixed with a normal amount of plasticizer or auxiliary agent. The PVC paste resin(called P resin) is processed and molded to form a paste, a very fine resin.
Conventional PVC resin is divided from processing, there are two main categories. One is a general-purpose resin, which is produced by the suspension method or the body method. The average particle diameter is 50 to 200 μm. This resin is usually combined with Auxiliaries and is processed and molded through compression, extrusion, and injection molding.
The other is PVC paste resin, which is produced by emulsion method or micro-suspension method. The average particle diameter is 5 to 30 μm or less. This resin is usually mixed with the auxiliary agent to form a paste, which is molded by means of scraping, impregnation, and enamel molding. After molding, Heating and plasticizing into products.
The blended resin is a special PVC resin between the above two types of resins. The particle diameter is 20 to 60 μm, the structure is tight, and the plasticizer is small. This kind of resin is usually mixed with the paste resin, not only partially replacing the paste resin, but also Can adjust the paste viscosity, Improve the pasteurization, expand the range of pasteurization resin use, improve the quality of pasteurization resin products. It is widely used in plastic products such as artificial leather, wallpaper, plastic flooring, toys, and steel plate coatings. It is also used directly for sintering battery partitions.

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